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  1. This is a commitment of your time and effort. You are committing to attend 9 x 3-hour scheduled core workshops.  (And 1 pitch day) There will be no make-up sessions. You are also highly encouraged to attend the weekly networking breakfast (1 hour before the core workshops) and "After Hours Lounge" (2 hours after the core workshops). 
  2. We strongly recommend that you register for The Indy Startup Challenge as a team of at least 2 people.
  3. Most participants find that successful completion of events like The Indy Startup Challenge requires 10-15 hours of work per week, in addition to time in the workshops.
  4. The Indy Startup Challenge is based on validating hypotheses by conducting interviews with people in your market. Your work out of the workshops will require you and your team to conduct a MINIMUM of 10 interviews per week.
  5. Registration fees must be paid in advance. The Indy Startup Challenge is unable to consider any requests for refunds for any reason.
  6. Participation in the pitch competition is optional. Participants must meet eligibility requirements. The decision of the judges is final.
  7. By registering for The Indy Startup Challenge, you are indicating that you have confirmed with appropriate advisors, including legal counsel, that any intellectual property relating to your business ideas is fully protected and will not be compromised by disclosure, in any form, during your participation in The Indy Startup Challenge. 
  8. By registering for The Indy Startup Challenge, you are agreeing that you will not use the name of "The Indy Startup Challenge" or any variation, adaptation, or abbreviation thereof without the express written permission The Indy Startup Challenge.
  9. The Indy Startup Challenge has the option to post accepted companies and pictures to the public including the finalists and the final judges' decision.
  10. The Indy Startup Challenge makes no representations or warranties of any kind concerning the program, workshops and pitch competition, express or implied.  In no event shall The Indy Startup Challenge or any of its hosts, sponsors, organizers, judges, mentors or facilitators be liable for any advice, information or decisions made for or on behalf of The Indy Startup Challenge or for any incidental or consequential damages of any kind, claimed by registrants/participants, regardless of whether The Indy Startup Challenge or any of the listed parties knew or have reason to know of the possibility of the foregoing.  In any event, The Indy Startup Challenge’s liability is strictly limited to the registration fee paid.